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The automobile manufacturer Toyota was founded in 1937 and, with over 300,000 employees, is one of the world's largest corporations in the automotive industry. With an international reach, the company manufactures its products in over 50 locations worldwide from offices in the Japanese city of Toyota.

The first prototype, Toyota A1, had already made ​​headlines in 1936, and the official project was born a year later as the Toyota AA. Between 1936 and 1943, almost 1,500 vehicles of this model were produced. In the late 1980s, on the occasion of the then 50-year anniversary of Toyota, a replica of the legendary passenger car was built. Just a decade earlier, the automaker had already established itself with its vehicles on the market.

To create a presence here in America, the company sold its vehicles steadily over time in smaller, but productive droves. With quality behind the name, the customer base rose by introducing the brand Lexus in the late 1980s. With a price tag on Lexus cars that appealed to the middle class and upper class, the North American market took off.

The model range of Toyota now extends over small, compact and midsize cars to sports cars, SUVs, vans, buses and vans. In addition, Toyota continues to remain committed to innovations in racing motor sports.

Has Your Toyota Auto Warranty Expired or is it About to Expire?

Every brand new Toyota comes with its own new Wear Item Limited Warranty. Toyota includes in this warranty a bumper-to-bumper standard warranty, a corrosion warranty and a powertrain warranty. The warranty does cover needed repairs for most parts of the car or truck if they should fail due to defects in workmanship or manufacturer issues, and lasts 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. The auto warranty starts on the day that your vehicle is delivered or the day you drive it off the lot.

The Powertrain Limited Warranty is good for 5 years / 60,000 miles. It covers the engine, transaxle/axles, drive systems, transmission and their components. Toyota also has a Corrosion Warranty (5 years and no mile limit) as well as a Roadside Assistance guarantee program (3 years/ 36,000 miles).

The manufacturer also has a Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty, which covers repairs and replacements of the seat belts as long as you own the car.

Why Extend Your Toyota Auto Warranty?

Toyotas extensive limited warranty offers assurance that repair on numerous components will happen for up to 3 years or 36,000 miles, which ever comes first. Yet when the warranty has expired, any repair costs associated with your car become you, the owner’s, responsibility. As car repair costs rise, going to the mechanic can bring on stress and financial strain. A vehicle protection contract, however, can help ensure that you are able to repair your car without paying an arm and a leg.

Investing in a vehicle protection contract (formerly called an extended auto warranty) helps keep your Toyota under warranty for longer. A vehicle protection contract can continue with the same or similar coverage as the original warranty, or cover as much as ¾ of the components of your Toyota, depending on what type of contract you purchase. Some protection contracts even cover components not covered under the manufacturer’s car warranty, such as air conditioning or brakes. No matter what type of contract bought, all you pay is the deductible to get repairs done, with your contract providers taking care of the rest. Special terms and conditions may apply.

Since Toyotas have a reputation for lasting for years, ensuring your repair costs stay low is crucial for long-term ownership. At Vehicle Protection Headquarters, we help you protect your investment for the long haul with affordable vehicle service contracts. Best of all? Our contracts often pay for themselves after only one major repair.

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