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The name Pontiac was better known in 1906 as the Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works and General Motors acquired the successor company in 1909. From 1908 to 1926, the cars ran under the label of Oakland before the men in Detroit had the vision of an equally youthful business and sold cheap offshoot stripped Oakland’s as Pontiacs. It worked back then so well that in 1931 only Pontiacs were produced.

Fast-forward to the model range of the seventies and eighties. Pontiac was under the direction of senior brand manager John DeLorean, who later founded the car company DMC. In 1964, the GTO was considered the first muscle car in history at 200 km/h top speed and was the uncrowned king of the quarter mile. Equally famous, even to this day, is the Pontiac Firebird, which was made to increase Pontiac’s stylish look. In 1967, it was considered as a twin of the Chevrolet Camaro and was the sportiest version next to the new Trans Am.

By being sold in countries like Germany as an Opel GT Roadster, the Pontiac Solstice sweetened many an American summer until the late 2000s. In 2009, the last of the Pontiacs were made, and the final dealer closed its doors in 2010.

Has Your Pontiac Auto Warranty Expired or is it About to Expire?

Pontiac has a Wear Item Limited Warranty that is provided directly from the manufacturer and is valid for 36 months / 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The Powertrain Limited Warranty that Pontiac offers has been changed three times in the past decade. For new owners, you now have a 5 year / 100,000 mile guarantee which covers everything like the transmission, water pump, transfer unit, engine, turbo/super charger, drive train and the seals and gaskets.

There is also a Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty included on all new vehicles where Pontiac will repair or replace your device if something goes wrong at any point you own your vehicle. The warranty is also transferable as well so if you plan on selling your vehicle at any point during any time when the warranty is still valid, the new owner can be covered too.

Because Pontiac is no longer in business, be sure you ask if the car warranty is still valid before you buy. Whether it is or not greatly depends on the year the car was bought.

Why Extend Your Pontiac Auto Warranty?

Pontiac owners today are keeping their vehicles for longer and longer. Yet with an older car comes the inevitable major repairs. When the limited warranty ends, the full cost of car repairs falls on the owner’s wallet. With repair costs rising, one trip to the mechanic can cause financial and emotional anxiety. Fortunately, there are ways to help reduce repair costs on your Pontiac.

A vehicle protection contract (formerly known as an extended auto warranty) extends your original Pontiac warranty. Instead of paying for the full cost of repairs, your vehicle protection contract instead pays for a majority of the repairs, leaving you responsible for just the deductible. A vehicle protection contract often offers coverage that is the same, or similar, to the original warranty, and can also cover additional components not originally covered, such as brakes and air conditioning.

With the potential to save you thousands, vehicle protection contracts bought early on in your Pontiac’s life can save you even more. At Vehicle Protection Headquarters, we help you save by offering affordable, quality contracts for all makes and models. Our contracts often pay for themselves with just one repair, and we work with you to make sure you get the coverage you need.

Invest in your Pontiac by requesting a free, online quote for a vehicle protection contract through us. For additional information about our contracts and what they entail, visit our FAQ page, or call today to talk to a specialist about what the right coverage is for you.

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