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The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a 1970 Japanese automobile manufacturer based in Tokyo, Japan. It wasis founded by the Mitsubishi Group, which currently brings together more than 200 different companies.

The beginnings go back to the year 1917, when the Mitsubishi Shipyard (now Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) introduced the first production car in Japan to the market, the Model A. In 1931, Mitsubishi set a new milestone by designing the first diesel engine with direct injection. Before World War II, they still managed to build four prototypes of four-wheel drive cars and test them as the PX33. Then, the production had to be suspended due to the war effort.

The first Mitsubishi model after the war was a small family car from the series A10/500. From 1962, the Colt was manufactured from 1964 to the 600 and the Minica, and made the company famous. In 1967, the annual production amounted to 100,000 cars. In April of 1970, Mitsubishi retired from the vehicle division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was founded.

In 1997, however, a general crisis in Asia arose. During the hard times that followed, Daimler-Chrysler acquired Mitsubishi in 2001, though the acquisition did not help much. Mitsubishi was on the brink of bankruptcy until the early 200s, when the sales of the Outlander allowed stocks to rise again.

Has Your Mitsubishi Auto Warranty Expired or is it About to Expire?

A Mitsubishi vehicle has a 3 year / 36,000 Wear Item Limited Warranty. The first two years of warranty comes with no mileage limits and the third year is subject to a mileage limit of 36,000 miles. The warranty begins with the delivery of the vehicle to the original owner and the date is documented in the service record. There are some provisions of the car warranty., Ffor example, the workmanship or material is covered only under normal conditions of use and correctly performed maintenance.

The basic warranty covers all parts of a new car, except for parts that are not covered under the warranty, and other parts, which are listed in your service manual. They recommend that you read the service manual carefully to familiarize yourself with the contents and the rules established. Mitsubishi has a Powertrain Limited Warranty as well that equals a 10 year / 100,000 mile guarantee.

Mitsubishi has a Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty as well which covers everything that deals with the belt. If the seat belt fails for any reason, the manufacturer will replace it. All you have to do is take it to any Mitsubishi dealership and they will take care of the work with no questions asked.

Why Extend Your Mitsubishi Auto Warranty?

Three years go by fast, and before you know it your Mitsubishi’s limited warranty is expired and you are responsible for your car’s repair costs. As repair costs rise, a trip to the mechanic’s can turn into an anxiety-ridden ordeal, especially when the bill comes. While it isn’t possible to avoid repairs, it is possible to help lower the bill to more manageable levels.

A vehicle protection contract (formerly known as an extended auto warranty) extends the original warranty coverage on your Mitsubishi. These extensions help delay having to deal with the full cost of repairs by having you pay a deductible instead of the full cost. Protection contracts can cover more than just the original auto warranty terms, however. Wrap protection contracts can cover as much asthe ¾ of components that the powertrain warranty does not, and can also cover components that may not have been covered before, such as brakes and electrical items.

Vehicle protection contracts save you money, and here at Vehicle Protection Headquarters, we aim to save you more by offering great coverage at a great price. The earlier in your car’s life you buy your contract from us, the better the rate will be, and often our contracts pay for themselves after the first repair. Our contracts also give you the option of having your Mitsubishi repaired at numerous locations around the U.S.

Start the process today toward lower repair costs by requesting a free, easy online quote from us. Or give us a call to talk to a contract specialist about why a vehicle protection contract makes sense for you. For additionally questions about vehicle service contracts, be sure to check out our FAQ page, or email us.

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