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Henry Ford wasn’t the type of man to ever care about automotive design or aesthetics. But he had a keen understanding ofknew what the consumer wanted and that is why he was so good at what he did. For instance, he came up with the 1932 V12 from Lincoln, which was a car that was specifically designed for Edsel Ford. It had a beautiful European panache to it and a design that matched no other. Inspired by that, Edsel came up with the Mercury.

Edsel was thinking outside the box on the Mercury. The car had to appeal to people who could afford the car but it had to be a little classier than your typical Ford. So, Edsel came up with the division of Mercury that emphasized the heavier use of chrome, as well as powertrain options and interior luxury options.

Mercury had its own division until 1945, a couple of years after the death of Edsel. Henry Ford decided to merge Lincoln and Mercury together thinking that the cars were “junior” Lincolns. Since then, the division has produced some great Mercury cars, including the compact Comets from 1960-77, and Mercury's viable answer to Ford’s Mustang, the 1967-97 Cougar. Then there was the 1958 Park Lane and late 1990’s Villager minivan.

Has Your Mercury Auto Warranty Expired or is it About to Expire?

Today, Mercury has a Limited Wear Item Warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. This doesn’t include regular “wear and tear” of the vehicle such as regular maintenance like oil changes and filter replacements. It does include itemsthings that have malfunctioned due to faulty parts or installation. Mercury will also give its new car owners a 3-year paint corrosion auto warranty and a 5-year warranty for the exhaust system against any type of perforation.

There is a 5 year / 60,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty, which is put into effect as soon as you drive off the lot. It covers the transaxle, transmission, drive systems, transfer case and a number of other parts of the engine. If you make any major changes to the engine you risk putting this warranty in jeopardy.

Your Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty is also in effect as soon as you drive off the lot as well. Many car manufacturers put this into effect at the turn of the millennium because of safety concerns. They will even repair older models as well for free or for a discount. You will have to contact your local dealer for details.

Why Extend Your Mercury Auto Warranty?

Mercury’s limited warranty goes by fast. When those three years are up, you, the owner, are responsible for allthe entire brunt of car repair costs that follow that warranty’s expiration. While it may take years for damage to show, in the end all cars need repair at some point. Having a plan to reduce repair costs now makes sense, especially with rising parts and labor costs.

Vehicle protection contracts (formerly known as extended auto warranties) extend the manufacturer’s warranty coverage and help keep repair costs down. Protection contracts cover components that the powertrain warranty does not, and can also cover components that may not have been covered before, such as brakes and electrical items. With a protection contract, a trip to the repair shop involves one low deductible instead of a huge bill, with the rest of the cost taken care of by the contract provider.

Saving money on car repairs is easy with a vehicle protection contract, and it is made even easier when you go through Vehicle Protection Headquarters. Here at Vehicle Protection headquarters, we work with you to give you the best protection contract for you and your Mercury, at the best price possible. Often our contracts pay for themselves after just one trip to the mechanic.

While the best rates are offered early on in your Mercury’s life, we do our best to offer competitive, fair rates. We stand by our no hassle and no high-pressure sales policy, so visit us today for a free, no obligations price quote. Or check out our FAQ page to learn more about vehicle service contracts and what they entail.

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