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The Chrysler Group LLC is an American automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The Chrysler Motor Corporation was founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler. Just three years later, the company acquired the Dodge Brothers, Inc. Thus, it became the third largest automobile manufacturer in the United States. Back then the group that comprised the brand Chrysler was Dodge, Imperial, DeSoto and Plymouth. The development made ​​great progress and soon became Chrysler, which was soon an overall symbol of technical innovation. At the end of 1950, the company began its expansion into Europe. Chrysler took over the French Simca, sinking several British brands as well as the Spanish Barreiros.

The 60's brought more success and a number of technical innovations. These innovations were automatic transmissions, independent suspension with coil springs and the servo-assisted brakes. In 1987 the company was able to take over American Motors Corporation as the owner of the trademark Jeep. In 1995, the merger of Chrysler with Daimler-Benz happened but the collaboration proved to be unequal. The clear dominance by Daimler in 2007 led to the separation and the partial sale of Chrysler, which is now Chrysler LLC. A new dramatic crisis arose when the company received $4 billion at the end of March 2009 as a part of the U.S. economy restoration plan. In January 2009, the company wanted an alliance with Fiat.

Has Your Chrysler Auto Warranty Expired or is it About to Expire?

All Chrysler vehicles have a 2 year Wear Item Limited Warranty but with unlimited mileage. Additionally, all Chrysler vehicles have a 7-year anti-corrosion warranty with no mileage limit as well. To be sure that your Chrysler is a 100% Chrysler, you should only use original Mopar ® parts. These components are developed and produced during road and laboratory tests and are conducted according to a strict specification that guarantees the best possible performance from your vehicle.

Your warranty covers you for two years and you have complete maintenance for your vehicle for four years. All parts are replaced with OEM parts. Chrysler also offers buyers a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty on all cars bought after 2008. Another thing that the company offers is a lifetime warranty on is the seat belts. About 10 years ago, Chrysler started enforcing the Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty and it covers anything that falls under what could be wrong with the seat belt.

Why Extend Your Chrysler Auto Warranty?

Though Chrysler’s manufacturer’s warranty is generous, the fact is that 2 years goes by fast. Though the anti-corrosion warranty is in effect for another 5 years after the initial warranty expires, it doesn’t cover parts directly that are likely to need repairs, such as electrical systems, air conditioning, etc. With repair costs rising, not having coverage can bring financial woes when the repair bill arrives. Sticker shock can be helped, however, with a vehicle protection contract.

Vehicle protection contracts (formerly called extended auto warranties) extend warranty coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Often they will supplement the powertrain warranty that is left behind, covering components that the powertrain does not. Wrap vehicle protection contracts in particular help extend the bumper-to-bumper warranty previously offered, even adding additional coverage to items such as electronic systems and on-board computers.

Let’s face it – cars are more complex than they’ve ever been. As a result, repair costs are rising and there’s a good chance that your Chrysler will need repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Here at Vehicle Protection Headquarters, we aim to help reduce the financial burden repair costs can bring with affordable vehicle protection contracts for all makes and types of vehicles. Our contracts not only give you freedom to choose from a huge selection of repair shops, but they also often pay for themselves after just one repair.

Protect your investment that your Chrysler represents and keep it covered with a vehicle protection contract. Call Vehicle Protection Headquarters today, or visit our FAQ for more information on what our contracts are and are not.

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