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The "Bayerische Motoren Werke AG" is a Munich-based manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. The company is better known as BMW. The beginning of the company dates back to 1913 when Karl Rapp founded the "Rapp Motor Works Ltd.", which specialized in the manufacturing of aircraft engines. The works were first put in place in 1917 and a year later BMW got its present name. The rapid development of the young company was halted by the Treaty of Versailles, which prohibited the production of large aircraft engines. In 1922, the main shareholder, Camillo Castiglioni, went to Gustav Otto, who founded the "Bavarian Aircraft Works (BFW)" in 1916, and took the naming rights to BMW with him. BFW was now out of BMW. With the Model R32 under way, production of motorcycles began. A year later, the aircraft engine was restarted.

The automobile manufacturer, BMW, came in 1928 with the "Eisenach AG". Then three years later, the BMW 303 with a 1.2l six-cylinder engine was hatched. Over the next few years, the company experienced a significant development, both in aircraft engines as well as in the automotive industry. The many successes in racing established the reputation of BMW as a manufacturer of reliable, powerful and sporty cars. The Second World War brought a new lease with BMW. In 1958, they brought out a car, the exclusive luxury sedan 501 with a 6-cylinder inline engine. The production of type 501 and 502 was too expensive and they took casualties. In the years 1958-60, BMW came into a severe monetary crisis and Daimler-Benz threatened a takeover. This was prevented and ultimately BMW remained independent. With financial help from abroad in 1961, the all-new models were presented in 1500, 1600, 1800 and 2000.

Has Your BMW Auto Warranty Expired or is it About to Expire?

BMW offers a great Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty in which everything seatbelt related is covered. All you have to do is take it to your nearest dealership and they will repair whatever is wrong with it for as long as you own it.

All BMW’s will come with the BMW Wear Item Limited Warranty which amount to 4 years / 50,000 miles. As of 2010, whichever number comes first will be the limit hit. The Powertrain Limited Warranty falls under the same warranty as well. If you are planning on keeping the vehicle for any time longer than your warranty expiring; you may want to think about buying an extended warranty. Many dealerships will offer their own types of extended warranties, plus there are other companies with purposes of providing extended coverage.

Why Extend Your BMW Auto Warranty?

Though BMW offers a generous manufacturer’s warranty, once the time limit or mileage limit is reached on the manufacturer’s Wear Item Limited Warranty and Powertrain Limited Warranty (4 years / 50,000 miles) the owner is then responsible for all repair work. It’s a sad fact that all vehicles break down at some point, no matter the make. With the rising cost of car repairs, this additional cost can cause serious financial concerns. Fortunately, there are options to helping lessen the cost of staying on the road.

A vehicle service contract (formerly called an extended auto warranty) offers additional coverage for new vehicles. Even if you own a powertrain warranty, once the original coverage is done, numerous items are no longer covered. This includes such components as: air conditioning, electronic sensors, and on board computers.

With a wrap vehicle service contract, however, you can extend the amount of time those items are covered for. And with the complexity of car parts rising, there’s a good chance that after four years with your BMW you’re going to need repairs!

If you plan on keeping you BMW, invest in it by purchasing a vehicle service contract. Here at Vehicle Protection Headquarters, our affordable contracts pay for themselves by offsetting rising repair costs. Often, one repair alone will exceed the price of your vehicle service contract. Even better, our contracts allow you to have your BMW repaired at any number of locations across the U.S.A.

The earlier you purchase your coverage, the better the price offered, so call us today. Or visit our FAQ page to learn more about how a vehicle service contract saves you money and keeps your BMW on the road instead of in the garage.

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