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One of the most interesting creation stories of the automotive world has certainly been the German manufacturer, Audi. "Horch & Cie", the mechanical engineers that played a major role in technological advancements, were precisely the ones who had been involved when the company was founded in 1899. Namely, August Horch had to leave the company after serious disagreements with the Board of the former corporation of a Saxony-based company. Only the name of "August Horch Automobile Werke GmbH" the resourceful engineer was met with little enthusiasm and an alternative was needed. These circumstances ultimately led to a witty word play and the company was renamed "Audi Automobile Works Zwickau GmbH", the Latin equivalent of the imperative of the company Horch first made.

In 1910, the first automobile left the production halls and it was followed by many more. In 1928, under the auspices of DKW, it was another four years until it became an integral part of the Auto Union. The history of Audi was exciting. Dissolved in the postwar years, was produced at the plant in Zwickau P70 of the EEZ, and was unified with the former factory of the company Horch at the Trabant. In the West German locations came the foundation of the "Auto Union GmbH." In mid-1960s, they put out the first Audi model. After the merger with NSU, the seat of the "Audi NSU Auto Union AG" first moved to Neckarsulm, then finally settled at Ingolstadt. Today, the brand Audi, whose models are focused on sporting dynamics and powerful technique, make cars for the Volkswagen Group.

Has Your Audi Auto Warranty Expired or is it About to Expire?

The Wear Item Limited Warranty for an Audi vehicle is valid for 50,000 Miles/4 years, whichever comes first. There are a couple of measures that are used to determine the length and the validity of your Audi factory warranty. The Powertrain Limited Warranty covers the engine, transmission, water pump, drive train, transfer unit 4x4, turbo and super charger, seals and gaskets.

Audi has a Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty as well which covers everything that deals with the belt. If the seat belt fails for any reason, Audi will replace it. All you have to do is take it to any Audi dealership and they will take care of the work with no questions asked.

Why Extend Your Audi Auto Warranty?

While it may seem like it, 4 years / 50,000 miles goes by quickly, especially for those with long commutes. Once those limits are reached, the Wear Item Limited Warranty and Powertrain Limited Warranty are no longer available, and you alone are left with the full cost of any major repairs your Audi may need. As repair costs rise seemingly each year, the cost of one major part malfunction can be devastating. With some foresight and planning, however, it is possible to protect yourself from the brunt of costly repairs.

A vehicle service contract (formerly called an extended auto warranty) offers additional coverage on components of your car. Not only do vehicle service contracts extend your manufacturer’s warranty, but wrap vehicle service contracts maycan also help cover other components of your car that may be more vulnerable with age, such as transmissions and enginesbrakes and electrical systems. These contracts do not add additional coverage on to your manufacturer’s warranty, however. They simply extend your auto warranty coverage, taking effect after the original warranty runs out.

Different vehicle service contract cover different items, but what they all have in common is the fact that they can save you money on car repairs. And with the complexity of cars these days, the chance is very good that you will need major repairs done on your Audi!

Vehicle service contracts just make sense, particularly if you’re the person who prefers to keep their car well past the manufacturer warranty coverage limits. Here at Vehicle Protection Headquarters, we offer affordable contracts that help offset the rising cost of repairs. Our plans often pay for themselves after the first repair. What’s more is that our contracts come with the benefit of being able to have your car repaired in any number of shops across the United States.

Protect the investment your Audi represents, and gain the peace of mind that you’ll be on the road and out of the shop with a solid vehicle service contract to back you up. Call us today to for a free, no obligations quote. Or, if you have questions, visit our extensive FAQ page or contact us via phone or email. See how a vehicle service contract will help keep your Audi drive-ready 4 years or 50,000 miles down the line.

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