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"The most innovative thinking you'll find, you'll find at Acura"- this motto is from the Japanese car manufacturer Honda, branched for its brand Acura. Focusing specifically on the North American and Asian market, the manufacturer was made and launched in 1986, in particular, to address solvent buyers. They produced mainly sports and luxury cars, while the respective models are left to the range of Honda-based vehicles.

A level of fame has been achieved with the Acura Legend or Vigor, with the latter being an optically and technically upgraded version of the Honda Accord. With the NSX available, you could buy one of the 1990-2005 model sports cars with a variety of technical innovations. At that time, the latest selling prices were ranging between $70,000 and 90,000. Today with the RL, TL, TSX, ZDX, MDX and RDX, compact vehicles are available for the lower middle class, as well as models from the SUV market. With the ARX01 and its successor, the ARX02, Acura ​​has made a name in racing.

Has Your Acura Auto Warranty Expired or is it About to Expire?

Acura parts and labor are covered mainly by a 1 year Wear Item Limited Warranty. However, the coverage for any parts that are purchased by Acura dealers and installed by one will include the replacement and labor as well. Every Acura part is fully backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile replacement warranty. Acura also has a Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty where they will repair any seatbelt or any seatbelt component that fails to work properly.

Acura has a 7-year/100,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty which starts from the day you drive the car off the lot. Under the warranty, the engine parts are covered, which includes most components like the head, cylinder block gaskets, timing gears, timing chain, flywheel, oil pan, valve covers, oil pump, exhaust and intake manifolds, and engine mounts. Water pumps, seals, gaskets and fuel pumps are also covered. You can also get the transmission and transaxle under warranty as well.

You can take your vehicle to any Acura dealer for repairs that are under your warranty. All Acura dealers will be happy to take on these services. If you should have any questions regarding the warranty, contact your local Acura office for answers. Acura gives warrantees on your vehicle regardless of the amount of ownership changes. If there should be safety recalls or product updates, Acura will need to verify who to contact.

Why Extend Your Acura Auto Warranty?

With more and more owners keeping their car for more years than there is warranty, repair costs become an issue quickly, especially when Acura’s one year limited warranty expires. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that you can stay on the road and out of the shop without paying a small fortune.

Vehicle service contracts (formerly called extended auto warranties) offer additional coverage for almost any vehicle. These contracts not only extend the amount of time crucial parts of your car are covered for, but can also cover additional components, such as engines, transmissions and fuel pmps: electronic sensors, on-board computers, and even air conditioning. Often called wrap contracts, this type of coverage merely adds time, and does not take place of or run concurrently to your current manufacturer’s auto warranty. Even better? Wrap contracts often pay for themselves after the first major repair.

Each wrap vehicle service contract is different, and a multitude of coverage plans exist to help you offset costly repairs. And with the rising complexity of car manufacturing, chances are you’ll need major repairs at some point in your car’s life.

So if you’re a person who likes to keep their Acura until the last bit of life is gone in it, a vehicle service contract makes sense for you. At Vehicle Protection Headquarters, we offer affordable contracts that help offset the rising cost of repairs. Not only do our contracts offer low deductibles, but they also allow you to have your Acura repaired at any number of mechanics across the U.S.

Don’t forget that the earlier you buy a vehicle service contract, the lower the cost. Call today to get a free quote, with no hassling and no pushy sales. If you have questions, visit our FAQ page or contact us today. We’re more than happy to help show you how a vehicle service contract will protect the investment that your Acura represents.

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