What to do Before Selling Your Car

selling your car

Auto Warranty: Mercury alloy wheel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prior to selling your car, attempt a makeover to build curb appeal. The first step here is to give your car a good, detailed exterior wash. Be certain to include the tires, wheels, and wheel-wells  In the event you will trade your car in or sell it yourself, getting it to look its best will pay out, improving the sales appeal along with the value of the car.

Dependent upon the condition of the car, you may be able to do quite a bit of the work yourself. Or, conversely, you can take your car to a professional detailer. Prices for this service tend to run $100, but may go up rapidly. As always, the more elbow grease you apply, the less you will feel the need to pay someone to do. For the best results, follow these tips.

Thoroughly clean your car using a car wash detergent and water. Carefully scrub alloy wheels to remove grime and road film using a stiff-bristled brush and wheel cleaner, or an all purpose detergent. Follow up with a tire dressing. This will give your tire rubber a fresh, new look.

Wax and buff the shine back into your paint. Fix small chips in the paint. If you have a dent consider having it fixed. And then daub it with a Paint Protection Film. If you have a crack in your windshield, consider fixing it. Make simple repairs, like replacing a broken mirror. If you can recoup the costs of larger repairs, they are worth making.

If you have a car warranty, some of these things may be covered. Your car insurance from a place like Utility Saving Expert  may also cover things like the glass repair. Check into your policies to find out.

By having a shiny exterior and interior, you show potential buyers that you cared for your car and that there was pride put into upkeep. With a bit of work, your car will not only look great but appeal more to buyers as well.

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