3-Steps to Make Sure You Don’t Void Your Car Warranty

Void Your Car Warranty

Auto Warranty (Photo credit: Newbuyer on Flickr)

Odds are, when you bought your new car, it came with a manufacturer’s warranty. You can check your Equifax and the loan approval before you select a car but make sure that after you have chosen the car which perfectly suits you, to check the manufactures warranty which comes along with it. Many people view a car warranty as a form of insurance, but it is something completely different. A manufacturer’s auto warranty is a promise to pay for labor, parts, and taxes for necessary repairs if something breaks on your vehicle in a specified period of time. These are generally 3-years/36,000-miles, but can vary from make to make. But this doesn’t mean to put car insurance in bad light as that can be one of the few things that can save you from incuring a great deal of loss. Hence, to be on the safer side, always auto insurance brampton your vehicle and dodge any undue costs. 

You see, the manufacturer puts these auto warranties on their product as a sign of good faith. They want consumers to know that nothing should go wrong in the first few years of vehicle ownership, and if something does, it’s covered. Because chances are if something does go wrong in these first few years, it was because of a mistake in the manufacturing process. Instead of punishing the customer by forcing them to pay for the repairs, the manufacturer’s warranty takes care of them.

But what some people are unaware of is that there are certain things that you can do to void a manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, once this has been done, it cannot be undone. This is why we stress to people that even though they are protected, they still need to take caution with their vehicles. This is particularly important for semi trucks. If you bought such car using semi truck financing, you do not need extra expenditures if something goes wrong.

Because not that many people are aware that your manufacturer’s warranty can be voided, we compiled the following list of what to do to avoid so you don’t accidentally void your car warranty.

Steps to Ensure You Don’t Void Your Car Warranty:

Let the Professionals Handle It- Your car is under warranty, don’t try to fix it yourself. Even if you are Mr. Mechanic and it is just a damaged headlight. You can void your warranty by not having the dealership handle all necessary repairs.

Keep your Receipts- Since the very first day after buying a new car keep all service records. If you got your oil changed, keep a record of it. As stated above, try not to do it yourself. It is easier to get it done elsewhere and this way you will have documented proof that you were current on general maintenance.

Don’t Misuse Your Vehicle- A lot of times people neglect to follow the guidelines their manufacturer instilled in their auto warranty. There may be certain stipulations that could void your car warranty such as using the vehicle for business purposes or extreme sporting. Be sure you understand these rules and guidelines before using your auto in this manner.

There are other ways that you could accidentally void your car warranty but your best bet is to discuss it with the dealer where you bought your car and above all: read carefully. And remember, these rules are not universal for every make and model and they generally only apply to manufacturer’s auto warranties and not extended warranties.