Looking for a Car Repair Warranty?

Car Repair Warranty

Car Repairs (Photo Credit: theservicerack on Flickr)

Has your car ever broken down? Chances are you answered “yes” to this question. If you answered “no”, let us set the scene for you a little:

You decided to go on a road trip with your family and you’re driving down the road, and without any prior notice, your car starts to make a strange noise. The noise begins to get louder and more frequent. Suddenly, you can feel your car start to shake. At first, it is a mere vibration, but as you continue down the road it quickly escalates to a rumble. To avoid any further damage, and for your safety, you decide to pull over. You car has officially broken down. Continue reading

Extended Auto Warranty vs. Vehicle Service Contract

extended auto warrantyIn the automotive industry technical terms can be thrown around so much that they can make your head spin if you don’t know exactly what’s being talked about. Often times two terms might sound like they are completely different but actually mean the same thing. This is very true for the two terms: extended auto warranty and vehicle service contract. Let’s talk about each term separately to make it easier to understand. Continue reading

Top 10 Emergency Items to Have in Your Car For Winter

extended car warranty tips

Extended Auto Warranty: Basket of Bottled Water – Starbucks (Photo credit: djwaldow)

Being able to survive a breakdown in spring, summer or fall is one thing but having to do it in the dead of winter is something totally different. Getting Cash for scrap and making sure your home or office is clear of any form of additional danger must be one among the many steps which a person must take. Chad Stavley, a personal injury attorney, believes everyone should have an auto warranty or extended car warranty that covers breakdowns and roadside assistance to help get them out of a crisis situation, but what if you had to wait for that rescue to arrive? Or got into a car accident and cannot call 911 or an Orange County lawyer to get help? It could be that you are in the midst of a blizzard and you can’t get a signal on your cell phone and there is not a landline in sight. What are you supposed to do? We listed top 10 emergency items below.

This is why you should have an emergency kit handy at all times. Here are the 10 most important things you should have in your kit, particularly for travel during winter: Continue reading

How To Get Rid of Rust

extended auto warranty tips

Rust and dirt on a baking plate.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know what that familiar reddish-brown crust means: rust. When iron starts to corrode, rust forms leaving behind spots and a tendency to stain whatever it touches. While a extended car warranty helps you care for car components and car insurance helps ensure you are covered should something happen very few car plans include rust damage in their coverage. So how to get rid of rust?

Should you find rust in or on your car, be sure to take care of it quickly so as to stop the spread and help prevent damage it may cause. Damage that, according to www.moneyexpert.com and their truck insurance guidelines, will end up costing you in premiums if you cause an accident. Follow these tips for removing stains so you will give a fresh and clean start for your car or truck. Continue reading

What to do Before Selling Your Car

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Auto Warranty: Mercury alloy wheel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prior to selling your car, attempt a makeover to build curb appeal. The first step here is to give your car a good, detailed exterior wash. Be certain to include the tires, wheels, and wheel-wells  In the event you will trade your car in or sell it yourself, getting it to look its best will pay out, improving the sales appeal along with the value of the car.

Dependent upon the condition of the car, you may be able to do quite a bit of the work yourself. Or, conversely, you can take your car to a professional detailer. Prices for this service tend to run $100, but may go up rapidly. As always, the more elbow grease you apply, the less you will feel the need to pay someone to do. Continue reading