Looking for a Car Repair Warranty?

Car Repair Warranty

Car Repairs (Photo Credit: theservicerack on Flickr)

Has your car ever broken down? Chances are you answered “yes” to this question. If you answered “no”, let us set the scene for you a little:

You decided to go on a road trip with your family and you’re driving down the road, and without any prior notice, your car starts to make a strange noise. The noise begins to get louder and more frequent. Suddenly, you can feel your car start to shake. At first, it is a mere vibration, but as you continue down the road it quickly escalates to a rumble. To avoid any further damage, and for your safety, you decide to pull over. You car has officially broken down.

While this may not seem like all that traumatic of an event, reading about it is hardly experiencing it. For those of us that have experienced a mechanical or electrical vehicle breakdown, it is a very serious matter.

The sad thing is though, that this is just the beginning. You now must phone a tow truck and wait for them to transport your vehicle to the closest repair facility. This means a huge delay and a lot of added expense. But no expense can compare to getting the news after the mechanic’s initial inspection. Believe us when we say this: It is not for the faint of heart. Go to Canadian Towing if you want to get a tow truck quicky and affordably.

So let’s recap: car breaks down, pay to get it towed, pay to get it looked at, pay to get it, pay to get a rental car in the meantime, and end up losing a lot of time and possibly pay. In the worst case you will have to buy a new car. So why go through all this hassle when you could just get a car repair warranty?! Or you can claim a refund from your car dealer (learn more about truck Lemon Law attorney in this regard).

Well, dear reader, we can’t imagine why anybody would opt for the above scenario over a car repair warranty. You see, a car repair warranty is also known as an extended auto warranty (commonly referred to as a vehicle service contract) and will pay for all parts, labor, and taxes for covered repairs. These are forms of extended vehicle protection and can save you thousands on car repairs.

We did not even mention the best part, these car repair warranties come with additional benefits! Never worry about breaking down again with added roadside assistance, complimentary towing service, trip interruption benefits, and more!

The truth is, that every car will eventually break down. Instead of waiting for the worst, prepare for it! Find out just how much you can save with extended vehicle coverage and be on your way to worry-free driving.

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