Honda Accord Warranty Information

Extended Car Protection Cost

Vehicle Service Contract for Accord Vehicles (Photo Credit: Spencer Hsieh & Voicechien on Flickr)

Most likely when you purchased your vehicle it came with a factory warranty. However, not all drivers know what exactly is covered by their manufacturers. We did a little research and decided to write articles about the factory coverage for various Honda vehicles including the Accord, Civic, Fit, CR-V, Pilot, Hybrids and more. Below you will find the breakdown of what is covered and for how long. Continue reading

3-Steps to Make Sure You Don’t Void Your Car Warranty

Void Your Car Warranty

Auto Warranty (Photo credit: Newbuyer on Flickr)

Odds are, when you bought your new car, it came with a manufacturer’s warranty. Many people view a car warranty as a form of insurance, but it is something completely different. A manufacturer’s auto warranty is a promise to pay for labor, parts, and taxes for necessary repairs if something breaks on your vehicle in a specified period of time. These are generally 3-years/36,000-miles, but can vary from make to make. Continue reading