Auto Warranty Roadside Assistance and Additional Benefits

Auto Warranty Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance – Flat Tire (Photo Credit: shibner)

When your manufacturer’s auto warranty has expired or is about to expire, an extended car warranty can take care of your repairs. The fact of the matter is, no matter how well a vehicle is made, it will eventually break down. And why should you be forced to fork over boatloads of cash when you can invest in peace of mind at an affordable price?!

However, not all extended auto warranties or forms of extended vehicle protection will include the additional benefits such as roadside assistance. But because companies that offer auto warranty roadside assistance do exist, owning an extended auto warranty from companies like panel beaters osborne park is more beneficial than you’d think.

What Auto Warranty Roadside Assistance Includes:

Complementary Towing- In addition to pay for your car repairs, if you have auto warranty roadside assistance, the warranty company will take care of transport for you vehicle to the closest mechanic. The best part: it won’t cost any additional fees!

Rental Car Service- Many policies with auto warranty roadside assistance include rental car service. If your trip is interrupted or your vehicle repairs is expected to take an extended period of time, you can be provided with complimentary rental car service for a specified period of time.

Tire/Battery/Delivery Service- Flat tire? Dead battery? Are you out of an important fluid? With roadside assistance, a professional can be dispatched to provide assistance with changing a tire, charging a battery, and providing needed fuel/fluid. But please be aware that the cost of transportation for these maintenance items is included, the price of them is not. (Maintenance items are not covered by car repair warranties).

Mechanical First Aid- If the issue with your vehicle is a minor one, such as a loose hose, an expert mechanic will be dispatched to your location and the repair/alteration will be made on the spot.

Lockout Service- We have all done it before. We get wrapped up in whatever we are doing/thinking about and we accidentally lock our keys in our car. But if you have auto warranty roadside assistance, you’re covered. Give your car warranty company a call and you’ll be back in your car in no time!

Trip Interruption Benefits- While these are rarer than the majority of the other benefits, trip interruption benefits do exist with some companies. These can include lodging accommodations, meal reimbursement, and much more.

As you can see, besides the fact that your vehicle’s repairs are covered and you’ll save thousands, you will get a bundle of benefits that alone is worth the price of your extended coverage. But as previously stated, not all extended warranty companies (vehicle service contract providers) offer these benefits so make sure you do your research and find out before buying.

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