Top 5 Most Reliable Vehicles [Infographic]

In 2013 Endurance®, a vehicle service contract provider, conducted a research using data of more than 20,000 customers. Approximately 25 manufacturers and 150 different vehicle models were analyzed. Also, the reliability by car type was determined, where pickup trucks were found to be the most reliable by claim rate. Only 29% of pickup owners reported vehicle breakdowns.*

Toyota Corolla was ranked as the most reliable vehicle by claim rate. This is great news for Corolla owners around the world. Continue reading

Toyota Extended Warranty – Coverage, Cost, Reviews

Toyota Extended Warranty

Toyota FJ Cruiser (Flickr: Frank Gruber)

One of the benefits to buying a new Toyota is that it comes with the manufacturer’s auto warranty get more information about it on this article. This auto warranty is coupled with your new car as a guarantee from Toyota that your car is free of defects or maintenance issues for a specified period of time. The average of these auto warranties last for 3-years/36,000-miles. And while they are great while they are there, as you can see, they don’t last you very long.

Unfortunately, last day my car broke down and I required roadsite assistance, the good thing is that I rely in a capable tow truck dublin company that arrived and do the necessary for me.

So when the auto warranty from Toyota has expired, what do you do? You get a Toyota extended warranty, of course! But where can you find a Toyota extended warranty? Continue reading

Honda Accord Warranty Information

Extended Car Protection Cost

Vehicle Service Contract for Accord Vehicles (Photo Credit: Spencer Hsieh & Voicechien on Flickr)

Most likely when you purchased your vehicle at Carpages it came with a factory warranty. However, not all drivers know what exactly is covered by their manufacturers. We did a little research and decided to write articles about the factory coverage for various Honda vehicles including the Accord, Civic, Fit, CR-V, Pilot, Hybrids and more. Below you will find the breakdown of what is covered and for how long. Continue reading

Auto Warranty Roadside Assistance and Additional Benefits

Auto Warranty Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance – Flat Tire (Photo Credit: shibner)

When your manufacturer’s auto warranty has expired or is about to expire, an extended car warranty can take care of your repairs. The fact of the matter is, no matter how well a vehicle is made, it will eventually break down. And why should you be forced to fork over boatloads of cash when you can invest in peace of mind at an affordable price?!

However, not all extended auto warranties or forms of extended vehicle protection will include the additional benefits such as roadside assistance. But because companies that offer auto warranty roadside assistance do exist, owning an extended auto warranty from companies like panel beaters osborne park is more beneficial than you’d think. Continue reading

3-Steps to Make Sure You Don’t Void Your Car Warranty

Void Your Car Warranty

Auto Warranty (Photo credit: Newbuyer on Flickr)

Odds are, when you bought your new car, it came with a manufacturer’s warranty. You can check your Equifax and the loan approval before you select a car but make sure that after you have chosen the car which perfectly suits you, to check the manufactures warranty which comes along with it. Many people view a car warranty as a form of insurance, but it is something completely different. A manufacturer’s auto warranty is a promise to pay for labor, parts, and taxes for necessary repairs if something breaks on your vehicle in a specified period of time. These are generally 3-years/36,000-miles, but can vary from make to make. But this doesn’t mean to put car insurance in bad light as that can be one of the few things that can save you from incuring a great deal of loss. Hence, to be on the safer side, always auto insurance brampton your vehicle and dodge any undue costs.  Continue reading